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Cabrillo Family Dental Care works to ensure each of our patients feel they're receiving caring and quality dental work. Watch a few of our patients explain the level of care and integrity they experience at our Pacifica dental practice.

Patient Testimonials

One Patient's Story

This patient is one of Dr. Jen Kin's patients at Cabrillo Family Dental Care. Despite having some dental anxieties, she finds Dr. Jen Kin's care to be calm and reassuring, thus alleviating her fear of the dentist. She finds Cabrillo Family Dental Care to be one of the best all-around dental offices that she's been to, and we at Cabrillo are happy to put her concerns at ease.

Edna's Story

Edna is another one of Dr. Jen Kin's patients and has been a part of our dental family for quite some time. Edna had painful sores with her old dentures but shares how Dr. Jen Kin worked to help realign her dentures and rejuvenate her smile. We always appreciate when Edna comes in.

Another Patient's Story

While no one looks forward to a root canal, one of our new patients affirms that with the quality care provided by Cabrillo Family Dental Care, the procedure wasn't bad after all. We do whatever we can to bring a positive patient experience to even the most undesirable of dental procedures.

Implant Dentures Patient Testimonial

If you're in need of dental care in Pacifica, California, call for an appointment with Cabrillo Family Dental Care at (650) 359-1646.