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Your Guide to Denture Realignment

Is your denture feeling a little wonky or looser than needed? We will show you how denture realignment helps your denture stay in place.

Understanding the Benefits of Mouthwash Will Blow Your Mind

Is it really worth doing that extra mouthwash step in your daily oral routine? Discover the benefits of mouthwash for your dental health.

Your Guide to Tooth Erosion Prevention

Tooth erosion is a threat to your bright smile and tooth erosion prevention avoids making your teeth weak and keeps your enamel intact.

Dental Procedures for Those with a Heart Condition

Patients with a heart condition must go through a special process before undergoing certain dental procedures. Learn more about what to expect.

A History of "Gentle" Dentistry You Need to Know

How did ancient civilizations keep their teeth clean? The history of gentle dentistry helps us understand early forms of dental care.

Does Thumbsucking Affect Your Baby's Oral Health?

Can a prolonged thumbsucking habit be detrimental? Find out the thumbsucking effect on a baby’s oral health and teeth development.

Healthy Treats to Satisfy a Sweet Tooth This Halloween

Want to maintain your little goblins’ healthy teeth and avoid sugary treats? Try these healthy treats for Halloween to satisfy every sweet tooth.

Can Poor Gum Care Lead to Infertility?

Can your dental hygiene affect your chances of conceiving a child? Discover how poor gum care could lead to infertility in women and men.

Bright and Sparkly: Natural Teeth Whitening Products

Looking to keep your smile bright between professional teeth whitening visits? Try these natural teeth whitening products for keeping your smile white.

Scare Away the Cavities: Cavity Protection for Kids this Halloween

With Halloween almost here, there’s going to be lots of holiday candy. Protect your tiny monsters from scary tooth issues with cavity protection for kids.