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5 Healthy Treats for Your Teeth This 4th of July


What comes to mind when you think of the Fourth of July? American History. Fireworks. Barbecues. Going to the beach. Sugary drinks. Acidic foods. No flossing.

We admit we may have a personal input in those last images. We may admit, also, the last image may not be “completely” Fourth of July related. While our Pacifica dentists understand the Fourth of July is meant to be fun, it doesn’t mean oral care can’t be just as fun.

Our Pacifica dental care will spare you the lecture on the importance of brushing twice a day and flossing... for now. Instead, we will provide food and drink alternatives you can enjoy this Fourth of July that are not only delicious but also healthy for your teeth.    

Fourth of July Teeth-Friendly Foods and Drinks


Forget the beer, forget the wine, forget the lemonade, and definitely forget the sodas this Fourth of July. Don’t forget the main ingredient in all them, however.

Drink more water this Fourth of July. Water will keep your teeth and gums hydrated, wash away food particles and plaque-producing bacteria, and produce more bacteria-fighting saliva. Yay saliva!

The benefits of drinking more water extend far beyond just your teeth, though. Yet, if you must drink an acidic or sugary drink this holiday, cut back and replace with more water. Your teeth will thank you.

The best dentist in Pacifica doesn’t need to tell you there isn’t anything patriotic about gingivitis.

Watermelon Pizza

When our Pacifica dental practice discovered this recipe, we had a little freakout. Not only is this recipe colorful, healthy and delicious—our pediatric dentists thought this was perfect for the kids. Forget the actual pizza-saturated in unhealthy fats and sugars, and treat your teeth to a sweet treat. Slice a side of watermelon and top if off with fresh fruit such as bananas and raspberries. It’s so good, you’ll forget you’re eating more fruit.

Patriotic Potato Salad  

For some reason, salads drenched in mayonnaise have become a Fourth of July food staple. While one can argue there are vegetables and eggs in your potato salad, egg salad, macaroni salad, or what have you, excessive amounts of mayonnaise negates their nutritional purpose.

Make your forefathers and mothers proud by ditching the mayonnaise. Replace with organic lemon juice.

Cut up organic blue, white, and red potatoes and cook in a pot until tender. Drain, rinse and cool them, then cut them in cubes. Mix in a bowl with lemon juice seasoned with salt and pepper. Before serving, add chopped peppers and fresh herbs for a patriotic punch.

Red, White and Blue Corn Chip Bites

Simple, quick, without too many calories or sugar. Get a bag of blue corn tortilla chips, top with organic salsa and sprinkle with cotija cheese. Of course, any white cheese will do.

You can make the dish more extravagant by making nachos. Of course, the key is to add more vegetables over cheese and tortilla chips.

Apple and Chicken Patty Burgers

A hamburger on Fourth of July is as expected as your next checkup at our Pacifica dental practice. However, red meat, while rich in protein, isn’t exactly the most tooth-friendly. It’s highly acidic.  

Replace the beef with lean ground turkey and apple patties. Mix 16 ounces of ground turkey, applesauce, chopped sage, onion and allspice. Form mixture into patties and barbecue for a healthier and more tooth-friendly alternative. Top with leafy vegetables such as spinach for more nutritional goodness.

Happy Fourth from Your Pacifica Dental Practice

We at Cabrillo Family Dental Care wish you a safe, fun and healthy Fourth of July.

Of course, if you need any dental care before or after the holiday, the best dentist in Pacifica will see you. We offer a variety of services whether cosmetic dentistry or preventative dentistry. We’re even the most talented pediatric dentists in Pacifica.

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