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7 Dental Tips for Parents for Halloween


Oh, Halloween! It is a holiday us dentists in Pacifica dread. The kids see a night of fun and candy then we see the next weeks filled with children getting fillings and their teeth cleaned.=

We do not want to spoil anyone fun this holiday, but oral health does not wait for anyone. Here are some holiday dental tips to keep your children’s oral health in tip-top shape.

Dental Tips for Parents This Halloween

Sort Your Children’s Candy

While you should do this anyway to check for unchild-friendly items, checking your children’s candy is a way to remove undesirable treats or candy.

Make sure to inform your child that you will inspect any candy they receive over the night. This way you can avoid a potential argument.

In addition, by doing this before your child has a chance to look at their collection, you can remove candy without them feeling you’re taking anything away from them.

Manage How Much Candy Is Eaten

Perhaps the most productive approach of the Halloween dental tips and dental care for children.

Considering the excitement children have for Halloween, they will most likely walk to the ends of the earth for candy. That means they will have a constant diet of sugary treats and preservatives snacking all throughout the week.

Instead of the constant snacking, take control over your children’s candy consumption. Allow only a few treats over the week at large meals when your child’s saliva production is high. This will help digest and neutralize the sugars and acids quicker as opposed to the snacking approach.

Drink Water

Where candy seems to flow endlessly for kids, so can sugary drinks. Much like how you manage your children’s candy intake, make sure to manage what they drink.

Replacing sugary drinks with water will keep them hydrated, healthy and maintain a healthy caloric intake. In addition, it will help with their saliva production, which will help break down the sugars in the candy.

Eat Healthier Dinner Options

During this high sugary time, do not contribute more through dinner, or any other meal for that matter.

Create your meal plans following a low sugar and low-fat diet. This way, the bacteria in your children’s mouth will not have any more excess sugar to feed on, creating more plaque and acid.   

Avoid Soda and Sticky Treats

As we mentioned before, soda is the bane of dentists. It is a nightmare for dentists and should be avoided for oral care over the holiday. Candy and treats already have a high acid and sugar content, do not feed the bacteria more with this nasty drink. Replace with water.

In addition, remove sticky treats as well, such a caramel or gummies. As their name states, they will stick and cling to the surface of the child’s teeth. This will place a concentrated supply of acid and sugar to your child’s teeth, contributing to bacterial production and cavities.

Replace Trick or Treating with Something Else

Perhaps one of the most unpopular holiday dental tips. If you want to go the untraditional route, you can forego the holiday altogether.

However, if you feel this is too harsh, you can lessen the blow by how you explain it or compromise with them. Instead of describing what you're doing to your children as “taking away” something, say you're giving them something better.

Whether you give them a gift or choose not to, remember to explain to them the importance of their health. Halloween comes and goes once a year; their health is every second.

Teach Proper Dental Habits

While you can literally do everything to stop your child from eating candy or treats, you can avoid this. Explain the importance of why sugary foods are bad and how their oral health is important. Risk management is always an excellent idea to teach children.

Children dental tips for Halloween you can teach include:

  • Why eating pounds of candy is bad.
  • Why you need to brush after every meal.
  • Why a balanced diet is important.
  • Why their teeth and overall health are connected.

Need Preventative Care in Pacifica, California

No matter how you spend the holiday, remember to keep their oral health a priority. Whether you follow these dental tips for parents or not, remember to schedule an appointment with your family dentist before the year is over.

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