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A Patient Explains Her Denture Experience with Our Pacifica Dental Practice


At Cabrillo Family Dental Care, we can’t stand the thought of any of our patients in pain. Our patient’s health and comfort are our utmost priority. At our Pacifica Dental Practice, our team of professional Pacifica dentists will strive to give you and your family the best possible care, all while keeping you pain-free.

To show how much we consider our patients’ comfort, Edna describes her experience with our Pacifica, California dentists.

Improper Denture Alignment Correction at Our Pacifica Dental Practice

“Hi. My name is Edna, and before I came to Dr. Jen Kin, I had dentures, and I had sores under my dentures for years, and I was in lots of pain. But he solved the problem. He kind of realigned it. I've had it realigned before, but it didn't work. And when he realigned it and played with it, he fixed it correctly. Now, I have no pain. No pain whatsoever. What a wonderful doctor. Thank you.”

When a patient experiences quality dental care, they are quick to share their stories with others. If you have received quality dental care from Cabrillo Family Dental Care and would like to share your story, please drop us a line at our office to share your experience. We always appreciate the feedback. See all our Pacifica dentist reviews and testimonials.

What Are Dentures?

While we are on the subject, many people have questions or are interested in dentures. Some of those questions include what are dentures, how are they made and how do I care for them?   

Dentures are fixed dental prosthetics, which can be removed for cleaning. This means they are not dental implants. Dentures come in two forms: full and partial. Full dentures are a full row of teeth while partials are holding one or more prosthetic teeth.

In order to get dentures, the dentist will consult which form of dentures are suitable for you, and then will take an impression of your mouth. Your dentist will take the impression and create your custom-made dentures in a dental laboratory.

Since dentures are not permanent, dentures have to be maintained by a professional dentist due to normal wear. If your dentures become loose, they will make chewing difficult and irritate your gums, such as the case of our patient.

Need Dental Care?

If you are interested in receiving care from the best dentist in Pacifica, California, none can compare with the expert staff of Cabrillo Family Dental Care. Set up an appointment today.