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Bright and Sparkly: Natural Teeth Whitening Products


Is your smile lacking some brightness and shine? You can brighten your smile with simple ingredients in around your home. Natural teeth whitening is an easy way to get your smile whiter without any dental products. Show off your whiter teeth with these natural methods.

Pearly White: Natural Teeth Whitening Products

Keep your smile bright between teeth whitening procedures with these natural teeth whitening agents. Now, you won’t have to be embarrassed about smiling when you have bright, white teeth to show off.

Coconut oil pulling

Oil pulling has become a trend for overall health reasons and its teeth whitening benefits. Coconut oil pulling is a great option for you if you’re looking to change up your overall health and make your teeth bright and white.

Grab the hydrogen peroxide and baking soda

Add hydrogen peroxide and baking soda to your toothbrush to help fight back against plaque. Hydrogen peroxide is a great agent for the elimination of bad bacteria growing in your mouth. Baking soda makes the texture a bit gritty, but it helps sand away any yellow tint in your teeth.

Another way to use hydrogen peroxide and baking soda for teeth care is to look for a toothpaste containing both agents.

Citrus peels

The essential oils inside lemons or other citrus peels are known for natural teeth whitening products. Grab your peels and rub them against your teeth to help eliminate the discoloration. Avoid weak enamel due to the acidity of the peels by rinsing your mouth immediately after rubbing the peels on your teeth.

Brush your teeth after eating or drinking

Drinking too much coffee or eating foods that stain your teeth are just some reasons your teeth may not be the brightest. If you just can’t give up your daily cup of coffee, try to brush your teeth immediately after drinking or eating. This helps the staining agents of certain foods or drinks from discoloring your teeth.

Get Whiter Teeth with Opalescence Teeth Whitening

Have a brighter, whiter smile at home with Opalescence Teeth Whitening. This teeth whitening process allows you to get professional teeth whitening all in the comfort of your own home. For bright white teeth between teeth whitening procedures, grab Opalescence Teeth Whitening for your home today!