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Cabrillo Family Dental Care Offers Invisalign


While so many patients realize the importance of improving their bites and smiles, many do not want end up with embarrassing brackets and metal wires. For that reason people have been seeking alternative orthodontic treatment methods while maintaining their appearance. Invisalign utilizes a different method to straighten teeth using invisible plastic aligners, providing a (literally) clear smile.

While Invisalign offers multiple benefits, some of the more useful features are:

Invisalign allows for normal brushing and flossing without having to maneuver around braces.

Invisalign provides effective alignment to correct a wide variety of bite problems.

The clear plastic aligners blend in with teeth and do not stand out or draw attention.

Unlike regular braces, patients can remove Invisalign from their teeth for brushing, drinking, eating and flossing purposes.

Most patients, such as adults, are good candidates for Invisalign, providing an alternative to metal braces. For business people or active teens that are on the go, that meet and interact with people on a regular basis, this is an ideal choice to retain confidence and appearance. With it's near "invisible" appearance, many people will not even realize that Invisalign is being used, making it beneficial for just about any social situation.

To schedule an appointment to get your Invisalign procedure set up, Give Cabrillo Family Dental Care a call at (650) 359-1646 to receive the best dental treatment in Pacifica, California. Our experienced staff will be able to assist you in getting the bright, beautiful smile that you want.