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Celebrate the Season With the Greatest Holiday Dentist of Them All

Hermey the Elf

As the days to Christmas draw closer, one's thoughts invariably turn to presents, visits from Santa Claus, bright lights and melodic carols, flying reindeer... and dentists. "Dentists", you say? Of course, dentists! Why, if it wasn't for a dentist, Christmas would have been canceled one fateful wintry eve many years ago. We of course refer to the classic stop-motion animated television special Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, which debuted over 50 years ago on December 6, 1964. While a certain reindeer with a shiny nose was the main star, he couldn't have gotten very far without the help of his friend and fellow "Misfit", Hermey the Elf.

You know the story of Hermey the Elf

He started as one of Santa's toymakers, but his profession did not leave him feeling fulfilled. In fact, he spent more time studying dental technique than toy train building. It wasn’t until he set off for adventure with his friends Rudolph and Yukon Cornelius, the eccentric prospector, that he found happiness.Hermey's dental dreams came in handy when saving Rudolph's family from the ferocious Abominable Snow Monster (otherwise known as the Bumble). Hermy was able to tame the Bumble with a quick dental procedure, and upon returning home to Santa's Workshop, gained the respect of his elven peers. And a new job as the Workshop dentist, to boot. Since then, Hermey's work has delighted children of all ages for over half a century. Hermey and his friends still appear on television each and every year and Hermey himself has become something of a dental icon. He's become the focus of a series of fun activities via the American Dental Association, and as the 50th anniversary of the show came about in 2014, Hermey got his due from the United States Postal Service in the form of postage stamps of him and his friends, and on November 11, 2014, Hermey was granted an official certificate of "DDG" or "Dental Do Gooder" by the American Dental Association.

American Dental Association President, Maxine Feinberg, had this to say: “Hermey’s passion for dentistry, coupled with his devotion to helping others feel good about themselves inside and out, deserves recognition. I know Hermey the Elf, DDG, will continue to inspire young people and those who are young at heart to follow their dreams." Hermey may have already lived his dreams, but you too can live your dreams of having a perfect smile this holiday season.

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(And don't forget to look for that glowing red nose in the sky come this Christmas Eve.)