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Choosing Dental Insurance


When it comes to health care, no matter the type of procedure or where it is on the body, there is always a high level of cost associated with any medical care.

Teeth are no different. Due to the many types of dental procedures, from fillings to root canals, to Invisalign and implants, taking care of teeth can sometimes be costly. That is why dental insurance can be incredibly useful in keeping dental care at a price range the wallet can afford.

Dental insurance is designed to pay for a portion of the costs that are affiliated with dental care. There are a number of different types of family, group, or individual dental insurance plans gathered into three primary categories:

1.) Indemnity: The most commonly known form of dental insurance, this plan that allows a patient to choose any dentist that accepts this type of coverage.

2.) PPO (Preferred Provider Network) dental plans.

3.) DHMO (Dental Health Managed Organizations) plans, where the patient is assigned (or are required to select) an in-network dentist and/or related office to utilize the dental benefits in that network.

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