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Cosmetic Dentistry Improves Smiles and Self Esteem

Smiling Patient Teeth

A good smile is invaluable. The best first impressions are made by the quality of a person's smile and self-esteem can be affected if a person's teeth do not look their best. Fortunately, the road to great- looking teeth is an easy path to take. If you're searching for the best ways to improve your natural, beautiful smile, you should know the best dentist in Pacifica to do just that is Cabrillo Family Dental Care.

What is Cosmetic Dentistry?

Cosmetic dentistry is a common dental practice. It works to is to improve the appearance of a dental patient's gums and teeth, as well as their bite. This cosmetic procedure is extremely beneficial when it comes to restoring or altering the following conditions:

Teeth Conditions:

  • Chipped
  • Discolored
  • Misshapen
  • Missing

    Cosmetic dentistry is also beneficial in closing spaces between teeth, reshaping bite structures and range, restoring short or worn teeth (due to such conditions as grinding), or even altering the length of a patient's teeth for more a proper alignment and bite range.

    Types of Cosmetic Procedures

    In addition to being able to address several oral conditions, cosmetic dentistry offers a variety of procedures in order to improve a person's smile. There are several different types of cosmetic dentistry. Here are a few:
  • Teeth repair and replacement, including bonding, crowns, gum grafts, and veneers (usually made of porcelain)
  • Dental bridges, which are put into place by the fusion between two porcelain crowns. These bridges fill in spacious areas that are left by missing teeth. The procedure allows two crowns to hold teeth in place by being attached to adjacent sides of the false tooth. This procedure is also known as a "fixed bridge."
  • Procedures that include the removal of tooth structure or gums, such as enameloplasty or gingivectomy
  • Less- invasive oral procedures that only alter the appearance of the affected area, and doesn't alter previously existing dental materials, gums, or tooth structures. These include teeth whitening (also known as "bleaching") or gum depigmentation.
  • Orthodontics procedures, which straighten a patient's teeth in order to improve the appearance of the facial structure

    Looking Better, Feeling Better

    Because of its incredible diversity, cosmetic dentistry procedures can range from subtle oral changes to major dental repair work. It should be noted, however, that while these procedures do not necessarily help to repair a person's teeth, they do improve the overall cosmetic appearance of a person's smile. Improving how a person looks can also improve how a person feels, which in turn works to restore necessary self-confidence and make for a happier personal interaction and social environment with others. In the long run, isn't feeling better what good oral care is all about?

    The experienced Pacifica dental practice staff at Cabrillo Family Dental Care has served the Pacifica, California community, where our dentists and hygienists excel in normal check-ups, teeth whitening, and sedation dentistry. Schedule an appointment with the best dental care in Pacifica by giving Cabrillo Family Dental Care a call at (650) 359-1646, or by visiting our website at