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Dental Care: 5 Things Your Teeth Would Say if They Could

If they could talk, your teeth demand the best toothbrush

Sometimes teeth can be so frustrating. They need a strict dental care routine, or they’ll start going bad. They get dirty so easily. They never thank you. They also never sit straight and look like perfect teeth. If they were children, they would be a nanny’s nightmare.

Love or hate them, if your teeth could talk, they would probably have some choice words for you, too. Here are five things your teeth would say if they could talk.

5 Things Your Tooth Would Say about Dental Care

I’m a neat-freak. Sorry, not sorry.

The most persnickety organs when it comes to cleanliness are teeth. If they were a living roommate, they would be one to complain about the dust bunny under the couch. They would complain about that one glass in the sink.

Forget about it if there is a smudge on the mirror. You could extract them and be over their germophobic behavior, but it’s best to give in to their demands. After all, extraction is costly and giving in to their demands for dental care does you more good than harm.

I like water. Soda’s gross!

Your teeth absolutely hate soda. They don’t mind it once in awhile, but they won’t like it if they have soda every day. They would choose water or calcium-rich milk. If they could talk, your teeth would probably say just avoid acidic drinks altogether. Do you really need that extra soda or glass of wine? Passive-aggressive behavior or not, treat your teeth nicely with more water.

Fluoride is my protein powder.

Did you know that cavities among children were at an all time low when fluoride was introduced into the water supply? We know that sounds a little scary, but it isn’t. Fluoride is naturally found in water already and the benefits are remarkable. To stave off more dental issues, you should drink more water and maintain a consistent dental care routine. You can also use a fluoride toothpaste if in case your diet lacks it.

If there were a rotting hole on your body, you would get it checked out!

Perhaps the sassiest true statement your teeth would say, if you had a wound, you would go to the hospital. Why are your teeth any different? Your teeth can’t jump out of your mouth and go to the hospital, so they are dependent on you for care. Treat your teeth right. If you have a cavity, or any type of tooth decay, get them help.

Help me help you.

At the end of the day, your teeth do so much for you. While they annoy you, you need your teeth and they need you. They help you digest food, give structure to your mouth, and help you attract that intriguing stranger. If they could say anything, they would say help me using the best dental care in Pacifica, and I’ll help you be healthy and happy. You can start by seeing the best dentists in Pacifica.

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