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Dental Care: Tooth Appreciation Month

a toothbrush is perfect for dental care

Rarely do you hear about a month where people sit around and appreciate their teeth. That surprises our dental office in Pacifica. Teeth are amazing. They help protect our jaw. They help us chew our food. They help us improve our self-image. Why can’t there be an entire month where we shower our teeth in appreciation?

Of course, we do recognize that people have better things to do than sit around and think about their teeth. That’s why we decided to write this Oral Care in California Month of Tooth Appreciation Extravaganza article. Read more about the ways you can show how much you appreciate your teeth.

Dental Care: Tooth Appreciation Month

When to treat your crooked teeth

The beauty of crooked teeth is in the eye of the beholder. Some people don’t mind their crooked teeth and those around them find their crooked teeth lovely. The problem with crooked teeth, however, is that they can cause serious issues if not taken care of properly. Crooked teeth can make brushing and flossing harder. Crooked teeth can also affect the function of the jaw. If not properly taken care of, crooked teeth can lead to gingivitis and tooth decay.

With all these issues with crooked teeth, what’s the point of having them? Straight teeth can be a medically beneficial asset, and they can improve your looks and self-confidence. If you have a chance to receive Invisalign services, take the plunge. Your healthier teeth will thank you.

If your teeth could talk

Sometimes the best way to look at preventative dentistry is to change your perspective. Instead of seeing preventative dentistry as medical, see it from the tooth’s perspective. Give your teeth a voice. If they could talk, how would they feel about what you’re consuming? How would they feel about their current dental care routine? What would they need to become healthier teeth?

If you want answers, we did write an entire dental care article about this subject. Listen to your teeth, and you can help them become stronger and more beautiful.

Going deep with preventative dentistry

If your teeth’s situation isn’t so good, you may have to go to the root of problem. No, literally: go to the roots. Root scaling and planing is an excellent way to reverse gingivitis and get your teeth clean.

Root scaling goes below the gumline with a special pick. This pick removes hidden tartar and bacteria growing on the tooth’s root. The planning part is where the dentist then polishes the roots smooth to inhibit the growth of plaque. If you are concerned, you can schedule an appointment for dental care in California at our dental office for healthier teeth.

Make your teeth pretty

If your teeth are straight and healthy, but they’re not that perfect shade of white, you can schedule an appointment for cosmetic dentistry. Teeth whitening is safe and effective. It can improve the shade of your teeth noticeably even after one treatment. The best part is that it isn’t too expensive, and it can improve your self-image. If you’ve ever thought about giving yourself the gift of white teeth, don’t hesitate. You have nothing to lose except for old stains and discoloration.

Need Oral Care in California?

Show your teeth some appreciation. Not only will you get healthier teeth, but it will also improve your overall health. The best way to get them healthy is by getting the best oral care in California. See our dental experts in California.