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Dental Care in California: The Beauty, The Bad and The Oh No

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At our dental office in Pacifica, we see patients with a multitude of dental issues and successes every day. Whether the reasons are aesthetic or health-related, our dentists in Pacifica, California sympathizes with and helps everyone. This month, we thought it’d be interesting to show how dental care in California deals with a range of issues. Below are last month’s articles dealing with all sorts of pleasant and not so pleasant dental topics.

Currently at our Dental Office in Pacifica

The Beauty: Veneers give knockout smiles

Patients come to our office day in and day out saying they hate their smile. We check their teeth and gums, and they seem fine. We ask them what it is that they hate about their smile and they say how it looks.

Whether their smile is crooked, their gums too prominent, their teeth misshapen, gapped, broken, discolored or missing, we understand the concerns our patients have. That’s why we recommend veneers. They can fix most of the concerns patients have with their smile. Additionally, patients can tailor their treatment if they need just one veneer or an entire set of teeth.

A beautiful smile can improve the overall appearance and confidence of the patient. In some cases, veneers can improve the overall health and function of the jaw and bite. Veneers can also prevent potential dental issues, like tooth decay and dental abscesses.

Long gone are the days of having to deal with a smile that makes you frown. The only drawback is that you must consult with a dentist, but, most people are approved. The procedure is quick and the results are amazing. If you’re interested in porcelain veneers, check out our veneers page.

The Bad: How knockouts give people TMD

Your jaw is a remarkable collection of bones and joints. The mandible holds the bottom row of teeth and slides open and close to assist in chewing. The smooth movement of the jaw is controlled by the temporomandibular joint, or TMJ. These two small discs are located on either side of the jaw near the back of the cheekbone.

While small, they are important and prone to injury and illness. The most common issue the temporomandibular joints experience is TMD, otherwise Temporomandibular joint disorder. This problem is caused by damage or inflammation in the joint. This will reduce the overall movement of the jaw and mouth. Besides pain and tenderness, TMD makes eating and communication difficult.

Other issues that cause TMD include arthritis, teeth grinding, or the joint disc moving between the bones. TMD goes away on its own. However, prolonged TMD may lead to something more serious, which may require oral surgery. If you experience TMD symptoms, contact our Pacifica dental office.

The Oh No: Ah! What’s on my tongue?

Not everything our dental experts see debilitates such as TMD or improves the smile such as veneers. Sometimes our dentist sees oral infections, like Thrush.

Thrush is a yeast infection in the oral cavity. It’s typically caused by imbalances in the mouth, usually due to medical issues. When the candida yeast, the microbe responsible for thrush, is not checked by the natural saliva in the mouth, it will gradually grow throughout the mouth. If left alone, it can cause respiratory problems. Other issues with thrush include bleeding and disrupting the daily schedule of the patient.

If you’d like to learn more about thrush, we wrote about it in our blog. There, we provide in-depth information and potential treatments to cure thrush. But we must reiterate: If you’re experiencing thrush, get dental assistance immediately.

Are You Unhappy about Your Smile?

No matter the reason, you should never feel unhappy about your smile. Get dental care in California if you find something wrong with your smile. If the concern is health related, our dental experts will give the best treatment get your smile at its healthiest. For cosmetic reasons, our cosmetic dentists will make sure your smile looks brilliant. Whether good, bad or ugly, we can help.

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