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Dental Procedures for Those with a Heart Condition


Can I have a dental procedure if I have a heart condition? Dental procedures for people with a heart condition are possible, but they require a special process before it happens. You must consult with your dentist about your heart condition so they are aware of it and can plan accordingly. Fortunately, though, your heart condition doesn’t have to come between you and a great smile.

What to Expect from Dental Procedures for People with a Heart Condition

Planning to get a cavity filled in or a root canal but have an existing heart condition? Talk to your dentist about any special care you may need before and during your dental procedure.

How does a heart condition affect a dental procedure?

Dentists are cautious with their heart condition patients when planning certain dental procedures. If the mouth begins to bleed during the procedure, bacteria can enter the bloodstream and travel to the heart. If this happens, it can become a risk to the patient with a heart disorder. The bacteria has the potential of causing endocarditis, which is a serious inflammation of the heart tissues or valves.

What heart conditions require a special dental procedure?

Most dentists ask in their patient paperwork if you have an existing heart condition. However, if they don’t ask, it’s best to inform them before any procedure begins.

If you have any of the heart conditions, notify your dentist first:

  • History of heart murmur
  • Acquired valvular dysfunction
  • Have a pacemaker
  • Had heart surgery in the past six months
  • Congenital heart defect
  • Previously had bacterial endocarditis

If you have one of these conditions, it is crucial you inform your dental specialist, so they can prepare for any special treatment you need.

Special process for heart condition patients

Dental procedures for people with a heart condition begin with the patient taking an antibiotic to avoid developing bacterial endocarditis. Dentists require this medication before any professional teeth cleaning, incision, or extraction. The medication is also based on each patient’s medical condition and the dental treatment they are planning to receive.

Quality Care for Your Precious Heart

Our dentists treat all of our heart condition patients with extra care and attention. If they are going to have oral surgery with us, we prepare them with the right process before their dental procedures. Schedule an appointment with us today!