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Do Tongue Scrapers Work in Oral Care?


We remembered to brush. We remembered to floss. We even had time for a little mouthwash. You’re ready to leave the bathroom.

Yet, that little dentist poking in the back of your head is bugging you. Are you sure you did everything?

Brushing and flossing are the essentials to your oral health, but there are other practices you can include to boost the health and attractiveness of your smile. This includes tongue scraping.

While it does not sound particularly attractive, tongue scraping is an excellent oral care practice to include in your oral health regimen.  

What is a Tongue Scraper?

A tongue scraper is a tool you place on the back of your tongue and scrape off excess plaque, bacteria, food particles and various other bad breath causing nasties.

There are different types of tongue scrapers. All that concerns us at our Pacifica dental care office is if they are not too sharp or rigid to damage the tongue tissue. The tongue is easily prone to cutting.  

Benefits of Using a Tongue Scraper

There are multiple reasons to begin tongue scraping. Here are just a few:

Fresher Breath

The tongue is one of the largest organs in the mouth. In addition, the tongue is similar to a sponge: moist and porous. These two factors make the tongue a perfect habitat for bad-smelling bacteria to latch on and grow.

By scraping the tongue, you can remove the bad smelling bacteria and not worry about halitosis.

Food Tastes Better

When we leave a layer of sticky bacteria on our tongues, it can mask our taste buds from enjoying the foods we like.

But scraping the tongue, we expose more taste buds and make the activity of eating more enjoyable.

Makes Cleaning Your Teeth More Effective

It would be a shame to spend all that time brushing and flossing, and find your tongue sabotaging your efforts. As mentioned before, bacteria, food particles and plaque will latch onto your tongue. When you run your tongue along your teeth, you’re essentially putting back what you just took out.

Impress Your Dentist

Imagine going to the best dentist in Pacifica, and we find nothing wrong with your mouth. Your teeth are white, gums healthy and strong, and your tongue looks healthy.

We would probably freak out.

Just kidding! What would impress us most is your attention to your oral health.     

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