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Does Thumbsucking Affect Your Baby's Oral Health?


Thumbsucking is common in babies, but it can have a lasting impression on a baby’s new teeth. The thumbsucking effect on a baby’s oral health may not seem severe in the earlier months, but it can have long-term effects on how their teeth develop.

Thumbsucking Effect on a Baby’s Oral Health

Babies begin to suck their thumb in their mother’s womb. It’s sometimes comforting to your baby. But, many new parents wonder, “can thumbsucking affect my baby’s new teeth?”

The prolonged thumbsucking effect on a baby’s oral health causes problems in the development of the mouth and teeth alignment. The thumb touches the roof of the mouth during thumbsucking, thus causing changes in its shape and position. Consider early child dental care and prevention to prevent a less perfect smile.

When should my baby stop sucking his or her thumb?

It is more difficult to stop the thumbsucking habit for children who suck their thumb vigorously. Children usually stop their habit between the ages of two and four, but parents should discourage the habit if it doesn’t slow down after age four. They may also lessen their habit once they begin school if they’re pressured by their peers to stop.

Visit your dentist if the tumbsucking persists

If your child goes past the age where the habit of thumbsucking should stop, visit your dentist for recommendations on how to stop the habit. They will explain the thumbsucking effect on their teeth and show them how to gradually stop their habit. Developing a relationship with their dentist helps them feel more comfortable with them and helps your children care for their oral health.

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