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Does Your Smile Need a Makeover in 2018?


Let 2018 be the year you don’t hide your smile. Sharing your perfect grin is a great way to make others happy in their day and bring more positivity to the year. But how do you get the smile of your dreams? Restorative dental care techniques are the answer to getting you one step closer to your perfect teeth.

How can cosmetic dentistry help your smile in the new year? Smile makeovers help you start off the new year on the right foot by adding some extra care to yourself. Cosmetic dentistry should be a part of your dental goals for the year.

What are Restorative Dental Care Techniques?

Cosmetic dentistry uses restorative dental care techniques to help you get a perfect grin or help you regain your smile. It is the diagnosis and treatment of oral diseases to restore teeth affected by decay, chipping, discoloration, or missing.

Four of the restorative materials used for teeth are the following:

  • Composite resin
  • Porcelain
  • Dental amalgam
  • Gold

Fillings and veneers are also other restorative dental care techniques used to make your smile get back to its shine.

How to Get a Great Smile with Restorative Dental Care Techniques

If you had a new year’s resolution to take care of your smile, scratch it off your list with the help of cosmetic dentistry.

Removable partial

Took a trip during the holidays and now your smile has some spaces in it? Removable partials are a simple way to complete your smile without any strict dental procedures. You place it in when you need it and take it off once you don’t need it anymore.


If you want a perfect smile for your upcoming wedding or other significant events this year, veneers are a quick option for a breath-taking smile for all your event photos. They use a layer of composite or porcelain material to cement onto your existing teeth to leave you with complete and bright teeth.

Teeth whitening

If your smile is just missing some brilliance, a simple teeth whitening procedure helps you out in no time. Your dentist will clean your teeth to have a blank canvas for your whitening process. You’ll walk out with a smile so bright; people will have to wear sunglasses when you flash it.

Scratch Off Your Cosmetic Dental Needs when You Visit Cabrillo Dental Care

If you haven’t completed your smile goals yet, it’s not too late to make an appointment with your dentist to get one step closer to completion. Contact Cabrillo Family Dental Care to see how we can help you get your perfect smile!