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Good Dental Habits Can Lead To Healthy Fun and Games

Kids Dentist Visit

Maintaining good dental habits makes for a responsible practice that children should incorporate into their daily health. By educating a child through continued repetition of responsible oral activity from an early age, children will start to build a regular care routine throughout their life. Brushing doesn't have to be boring, however. With some creative planning and enjoyable activities planned, brushing and flossing becomes a fun activity that they will look forward to each day.

There are various ways to make brushing an enjoyable routine for children. The most notable way is to make brushing into a game. Get them used to brushing. Let them practice good brushing technique by brushing the teeth of their favorite doll or toy, then apply the same tutorial techniques to themselves. Take turns with your child. Show them proper technique and how to cover all aspects of their teeth, tongue and gums, then let them take over and do the brushing themselves. "Teamwork" helps a child feel like they are taking part in the activity and not simply being told to.

Children love to keep busy, move about, sing and dance... While one does have to sit a little still during the brushing process, setting brushing to music not only keeps the mood lively but can help to set a rhythm for brushing. Find a good song that has a steady rhythm (not too fast, not too slow), and perform their own "tooth boogie" routine.

As your child grows up, older kids are more interested in doing things on their own and knowing how to do it. At this point, stressing the importance of care to their overall health, coupled with the necessity of keeping a regular care schedule becomes a matter of maintaining good oral hygiene.

The process of brushing one's teeth can be something of a "super-hero" style game, where brushing away the "evil" cavities and tartar help to keep the teeth safe and protected. Allowing kids to pick out their own dental care also helps to make brushing teeth a more personalized procedure. Let them pick a toothbrush with their favorite movie or cartoon character on it, pick out their favorite mint or fruit flavored toothpaste and mouthwash, and even pick out a fun color of floss.

Older kids also have the benefit of being able to ask the dentist their own questions, getting to know more about the process, and putting to rest any concerns or fears that they may have.

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