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Healthy Treats to Satisfy a Sweet Tooth This Halloween


Halloween is a favorite holiday for kids, but it is not a favorite for their teeth. Give their young teeth some relief by handing out healthy treats for Halloween. We have alternatives to candy for Halloween good enough to satisfy even the youngest vampire sweet tooth. Prepare for a witching holiday and fewer cavities with these bewitching healthy treats.

Spooktacular Healthy Treats for Halloween

Don’t want to fill your little ghouls’ mouths with sugary treats? Grab these healthy treats for Halloween to avoid cavities after the spooky holiday.

Apple packets

Apples are the fruit of the fall, so Halloween is the perfect holiday to pass out apple packets as treats. They have the sweetness both kids and dentists approve so even the littlest werewolf has their sweet tooth satisfied.

Baby carrots

Baby carrots are a festive orange vegetable to consider for this Halloween. This serves as a great treat to pass out on Halloween night because they come in convenient packaging to pass out to all the trick-or-treaters. It’s a healthy Halloween treat to satisfy kids and little goblins.

Cheese sticks

For those dressed as a mouse for Halloween, cheese sticks are perfect to satisfy their cravings. They are easy on teeth; the dairy actually helps strengthen their young teeth due to the calcium and vitamin D. Cheese sticks also come in convenient packaging to pass out to all the little witches and wizards on Halloween.

Xylitol candy

The candy most approved by dentists is xylitol candy, which contains a sugar-free sweetener. This type of candy helps promote teeth health and is still approved by little monsters. Xylitol candy comes in a variety of different flavors so you can choose the type you want to pass out during the witching hour. This sugar-free treat for Halloween is sure to please.

Need Help with Your Candy Selection?

Your dentist is the person to ask about which candy is less harmful for your little goblins. Contact us about preventative dental care before and after Halloween to maintain healthy teeth. Schedule an appointment today!