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How the Best Dentist in Pacifica Can Help Your Sensitive Teeth

sensitive teeth

Ever experience a shock to the teeth whenever your drink something cold or hot? What about when you drink something acidic? Or maybe even when you breathe in cold air?

You may have sensitive teeth. Sensitive teeth are common and can come and go throughout a person’s lifetime. However, when your sensitive teeth become too painful, consult with the best dentist in Pacifica.

What causes sensitive teeth?

Reasons why teeth become sensitive include:

  •        Gum disease
  •        Exposed dentin and roots
  •        Tooth decay
  •        Worn fillings

Only a dentist at your Pacifica dental practice can diagnose what caused your sensitive teeth. In most cases, it is usually because your tooth’s dentin is exposed.

Dentin is the inner calcified tissue of the tooth that has tiny microscopic tubules. These tubules will become important later.

Dentin lies underneath the protective layer of the enamel and cementum and encases the pulp, or nerve of the tooth. When the gums recede and these protective layers wear down, the dentin is exposed.

When a hot, cold or acidic food or drink reaches the dentin, the substance travels through the tubules. The shock you feel is when the substance irritates the tooth nerve.

What can I do about my sensitive teeth?

Sensitive teeth are treatable. Treatments include:

  •        Gum graft
  •        Desensitizing toothpaste.
  •        Fluoride gel
  •        Dental implants
  •        Root canal

Consult with your Pacifica dental care practitioner who can decide with treatment is best for you.

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