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Invisalign Is An Effective Dental Alternative For Pacifica Patients


Invisalign is an incredible advance in dental technology that provides patients with a means to have their teeth straightened while remaining invisible to other people. This advancement offers a number of advantages over standard braces, which makes them an ideal choice for maintaining a perfect smile.

Invisalign offers two very distinctive features: A more comfortable fit that feels better within the mouth, as well as the ability to be be removed as the patient wishes. For more personal moments and activities such as photography and eating, there are less restrictions in keeping Invisalign inside the mouth at all times. When Invisalign is actually in use, it is virtually unnoticeable. This not only increases a patient's overall aesthetic, but also helps to improve one's confidence.

Invisalign also features further benefits, such as requiring less visits to the doctor (an average of every six weeks), and Invisalign can be adjusted to grow with the patient. In other words, if starting Invisalign as a teenager, a patient can grow into larger sizes as they reach adulthood.

Invisalign is also covered by most dental insurance plans the same way that metal braces are, meaning that there are no additional costs to the patient.

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