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Invisalign is Your Way to Not have a Mouth Full of Metal


Everyone remembers those awkward years of your mouth full of metal braces, and how you counted down the days until they would come off. You mentally told yourself the perfect smile would make all this worth it. But if you are now older and maybe your teeth are getting crooked again, there isn’t a reason for you to go through the metal phase again. The benefits of Invisalign offers both adults and teens the opportunity not to have to endure years of hiding your smile before it is perfect.

Don’t go through life with a mouth full of braces and show off your smile while getting your teeth straightened. There is an excellent alternative for dental patients in the form of Invisalign.

What is Invisalign?

But what is Invisalign exactly? The Invisalign option for braces is a fantastic way to get the benefits of teeth straightening with an invisible exterior for a perfect-looking smile.

Invisalign features a transparent design allows dental patients straighter teeth while the support remains virtually unnoticeable. The Invisalign support provides a removable plastic design with a more comfortable fit in comparison to traditional metal braces. Because of this, Invisalign not only feels better inside a patient's mouth but also looks better.

What are the Benefits of Invisalign Over Braces?

Invisalign is a newer advancement in the field of teeth straightening and allows the restorative properties of braces while providing a more physically aesthetic look for a patient's smile. The advantages of Invisalign over braces are numerous and evident, offering a near invisible corrective experience. Invisalign can help correct many dental restorations, such as crossbite, crowding, overbite, spacing, and underbite as it works to straighten a patient's teeth without the restrictive boundaries that traditional braces have previously offered.

While Invisalign offers multiple benefits, some of the more useful features are:

  • Invisalign allows for regular brushing and flossing without having to maneuver around braces.
  • Invisalign provides active alignment to correct a wide variety of bite problems.
  • The clear plastic aligners blend in with teeth and do not stand out or draw attention.
  • Unlike regular braces, patients can remove Invisalign from their teeth for brushing, drinking, eating, and flossing purposes.

These beneficial changes allow patients to straighten their teeth without sacrificing their feeling of confidence. Patients can insert and remove their aligner from their mouth as they need to, which is great for those taking pictures during "special moments" such as prom, family gatherings, and weddings.

Easily removable

Braces are a constant reminder your smile is under construction, but Invisalign allows you to remove them at the end of the day and still straighten your teeth. Invisalign makes it easy to put in and take out as needed during a variety of activities ranging from taking an essential photo to eating one's favorite foods. The design of the device is smoother in feel, cutting down on skin and cheek irritation, and even visits to the dentist office become less frequent due to the low maintenance that the device requires.

The sizes come available for both teens and adults, which allows patients to grow into their care as their teeth adjust. Most importantly, it doesn't interfere with regular dental care such as brushing and flossing, ensuring secure periodontal health.

Eat with confidence

One other annoyance of having metal braces is your constant fear of having the guts to finally smile and have a piece of your tuna sandwich stuck in them. Foodie fans can also rejoice since with Invisalign there are far fewer food restrictions. Unlike metal braces where food particles getting trapped between the wires is a common occurrence, patients to eat whatever they want without fear of stuck food particles. If that happens, no problem.

Just remove Invisalign from the mouth, wash it out and resume your day. No unique process involved, so your day doesn't stop for anything. And due to the more accessible care, the patient does not have to schedule as many doctor visits. An appointment every six weeks makes more time for your schedule and less time in the waiting room.

Perfect for adults and teens

Invisalign is an ideal fit for any adult or teen as Invisalign grows with its patients. Teens, having an active and busy social life, want to think about dating and sports, not about cumbersome hardware. Adults can retain their confidence without making concessions, looking good during their office presentation or just during that next social event.

Most patients, such as adults, are good candidates for Invisalign, providing an alternative to metal braces. For business people or active teens that are on the go, which meet and interact with people on a regular basis, this is an ideal choice to retain confidence and appearance. With it's near "invisible" presence, many people will not even realize someone has Invisalign, making it beneficial for just about any social situation.

Open to several dental insurances

Your provider is finally on your side and won’t make you endure months of metal braces. Invisalign has several dental insurance plans cover the treatment program, the same way as it would for other orthodontic treatments such as metal braces. Once you decided to get Invisalign, your dentist will be able to explain the process of how it moves teeth during realignment, costs and payment options, any potential restrictions, how long the treatment lasts and any follow-up procedures. For any concern you may have, Invisalign is designed with comfort and convenience in mind so that you can focus on your smile and straighter teeth.

Get Your Smile Straightened At Cabrillo Family Dental Care

Don’t suffer thinking the only option for a perfect smile is metal braces, when there is Invisalign available for you. Our dentists at Cabrillo Family Dental Care will walk you through the entire process and prepare you for the straight teeth which don’t require braces. Schedule an appointment today!