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Is Kissing Good for Your Teeth?


Oooh, la la! Love is in the air, and that means kisses galore! Our dental care office is often asked, “is kissing good for your teeth?” While it may seem unsanitary, patients will be surprised to know there are some benefits of kissing. If you don’t read all the way through this blog, make sure to get your practice in for Valentine’s Day.

Is Kissing Good for Your Teeth?

You can receive many benefits from kissing your loved one. Advantages of the lip kiss include the introduction of saliva into your mouth, which can lubricate your gums and teeth. Kisses also introduce new germs, which can actually help boost your immune system.

Another advantage of kissing is that it can potentially intensify the need to brush and floss your teeth. For example, to avoid offending your partner with stinky breath and sharing last week’s dinner, it’s crucial to maintain regular brushing and flossing. If not, the consequences, such as them not wanting to kiss you, may happen. Avoid those consequences. Keep your partner, and by extension your dental care office, happy by keeping up with a good oral hygiene routine.

When is kissing not good for your oral health?

While there are advantages of the lip kiss, kissing can be disadvantageous to your oral health under certain circumstances. Luckily, most of this disadvantages can be avoided. Dental health disadvantages from include:

  • Spreading of cold sores
  • Transference of blood from bleeding gums
  • Transference of contagious diseases or illness
  • Bad kissers ruining your mood and giving you bad memories

Most of these health disadvantages can be avoided through observation or communication with your kissing partner. Help each other stay healthy by practicing good oral care.

Get Preventative Dentistry in California

Unfortunately, our dental care office cannot provide kisses. You’ll have to find someone who thinks you’re funny. In the meantime, increase your chances for your kisses by getting your teeth cleaned. Our preventative dentistry in California is the best. Schedule an appointment today.