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Is String Floss or Flossing Picks a More Effective Flossing Tool?


Have you been following your dentist’s recommendation for daily flossing? There’s a wide array of flossing tools to help you with your oral care. But is string floss better than a flossing pick? (Or vice versa?) While there are multiple choices for teeth care tools, choosing the right one is tricky. We’ll simplify your choices to help you floss more often.

Which Flossing Tool Is More Effective: String Floss or Flosser Pick?

After daily teeth brushing, flossing is the second step to maintain healthy teeth. With so many methods of flossing available, which one should you choose to floss your teeth daily?

Flossing pick

People consider flossing picks a simple flossing tool, due to its ease of use. You don’t have to worry about getting the right amount of floss string you will need. The plastic device comes with a piece of floss attached and is ready to help remove and loosen plaque and food particles. Because they have a small piece of flossing already attached, you’ll use a single floss pick for your entire mouth. This creates an unhealthy redistribution of particles in your mouth.

Flossing picks are more effective for those who have trouble reaching certain areas with string floss. It’s also a great way to introduce flossing for maintaining healthy teeth for children as they will have more control of the flossing pick.

String floss

The traditional flossing method everyone knows is string floss. It comes in multiple flavors and gives you the chance to choose the right size of floss you need. This helps you have a fresh, clean piece of string for your entire mouth. The standard size of the string floss to use on your entire mouth is 18 inches.

String floss is the tried and true most effective way to floss, due to its versatility in choices and prevention of redistributing particles. With proper flossing techniques, string floss helps remove plaque and particles causing bad bacteria to grow in your mouth.

Need Help with Your Flossing Technique?

Flossing, along with brushing your teeth daily, is a great way to maintain healthy teeth. Also, visiting your dentist at Cabrillo Family Dental Care is great for preventative dental care. We will help you with flossing techniques and other ways to maintain great oral health. Schedule an appointment with us today!