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Know the Steps on How to Handle Accidental Tooth Loss for Your Children

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Children losing their first set of teeth is part of growing up, as evidenced by all of those visits from the Tooth Fairy. That first set of baby teeth makes way for a stronger and larger set of permanent, adult teeth. As children get older and become more involved in physical play (such as sports or exercise), dental injury increases depending on activity. These dental injuries include the possibility of a child losing a permanent tooth. The severity of the instance that a tooth has been knocked out depends on the course of action. The loss of a permanent tooth makes the process more complicated, so fast action is necessary.

Since losing a tooth can be very scary, the first step is to comfort the child through the accident. How the parent reacts is important, so maintaining a calm demeanor will help to have the child react accordingly. The first few steps of tooth care is to clean the mouth and stop the blood flow by having the child bite down on a piece of gauze.

In order to reduce swelling, use a cold compress or ice pack over the affected area. The next important step entails contacting a dentist as soon as possible to check for and prevent permanent damage. If the tooth can be found, be sure to bring that to the dentist as well.

In the case of a permanent tooth, finding and delivering the tooth becomes an absolute necessity in order to properly replace it. When you locate the tooth, gently rinse it in water then replace the tooth back into the socket and hold it down with a piece of gauze or clean cloth. When handling the tooth, make sure to only carry it by the crown, as picking it up by the root can cause damage that will make replacing the tooth that much more of a difficult task. If you are unable to replace the tooth for any reason, place the tooth in cold milk or saliva. In more extreme cases, the tooth can also be carried inside the cheek of the mouth. The only real place that is not recommended to carry a tooth is in water.

Fortunately, the major means of prevention is to prevent the loss of a tooth from ever happening at all. Using equipment such as a mouthguard is recommended if your child is participating in a contact sport such as football or soccer. While pre-molded mouthguards can be found at most sporting goods stores, it is more advisable to use a custom fitted mouthpiece molded specifically for a child’s mouth.

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