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Learn the Facts About Pacifica Dental Implants

Proper Dental Care

As we in the Pacifica dental practice field have discussed, it takes a lot of regular and steady work to keep a patient's teeth continually looking their best. One area of dental care involves oral surgery. Oral surgery involves the process of teeth removal and other minor oral procedures, and should be performed by the best dentist in Pacifica.

There are a variety of medical conditions that require oral surgery:

Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Removing a wisdom tooth (also known as a "third molar"), a common oral surgery procedure, frees up extra space in the mouth for other teeth. Wisdom teeth occur when these "extra" teeth form and fail to emerge in a proper alignment. When this occurs, the teeth become impacted between the jaw bone and the tissue, and can cause permanent harm to the bone structure, gums and teeth.

Tooth Loss

When a tooth is damaged or missing, dental implants repair or replace the missing tooth. Dental implants also help complete bridges and dentures. In order to be an oral surgery patient for dental implants, the patient must have a good bone level and density, not prone to infection and keep up responsible oral hygiene practices to preserve the health of the new teeth.

Jaw Related Problems

Jaw related problems also requires the use of oral surgery. Some of the more common conditions are jaw issues, such as unequal growth, and TMJ disorders (Temporomandibular joint disorders). Temporomandibular joint disorders occur when the small joint in front of the ear (where the skull and jaw meet) becomes a source of headaches and facial discomfort. In order to get rid of serious cases, oral surgery is necessary.

Oral surgery also benefits first-time denture wearers to correct any jaw irregularities to ensure the best denture fit possible and provides a more comfortable denture fitting.

In some extreme oral surgery cases, the upper and lower jaws fail to grow properly. The condition causes multiple symptoms, such as difficulty with proper breathing, eating, speaking and swallowing. Oral surgery structures a more balanced and healthy jaw for the patient.

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