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Make Tooth Brushing with Kids a Fun Activity with These Great Tips


It’s the time of the day or night for the daily dental care routine but do your kids make up every excuse to get out of it? Tooth brushing with kids is probably not their first choice of fun things to do in their day. But it can become a fun social activity for the entire family!

Suddenly every one of your kids wants to join in on the dental party when you find entertaining activities to do while tooth brushing. Dental care doesn’t have to feel like a chore you do every night. Make it enjoyable for your kids, so they see how maintaining their teeth health is fantastic!

How to Make Tooth Brushing with Kids FUN!

Getting your kids into a habit of keeping their teeth clean helps them build stronger and healthier teeth and prevents cavities. Adding a dash of amusement into tooth brushing for them makes it more bearable for them to do every day and night.

Set up an earlier tooth brushing time at night

Brushing your child's teeth just before bedtime may seem like a good idea, the later the night gets, the crankier kids are—something every parent gets to know.  As it gets closer to bed, children may be ready for sleep, not oral hygiene.

Switch up the brushing and flossing routine by taking care of teeth after dinner instead of the time before bed. You should notice less hesitation to tooth brushing with kids when you switch the time of dental routine. They are still active after dinner, and you got the brushing over and done early.

Tooth brushing dance party

Everyone is going to want to the exclusive invite to club toothbrush with this fun activity for tooth brushing with kids. Add a little music to your tooth brushing by picking a selection of songs your kids enjoy. While cleaning, choose one song and have them time their brushing to the beat to ensure they brush the entirety of their mouth during the time of the song.

Just because you’re brushing your teeth doesn’t mean you can’t show off some sweet dance moves. The purpose of club tooth brushing is to dance while maintaining your kids’ teeth healthy. Let your kids bounce around during their tooth brushing and don’t be afraid to teach them some of your moves!

Tooth brushing squad

Kids like doing things as a team—more importantly, kids like doing things with their parents. Doing what Mom and Dad do is something small children aspire to, even if you don’t think they do. Turn brushing into a "team" activity to get kids more motivated into practicing proper oral care.

Be a participant in tooth brushing for kids instead of merely a supervisor. There is also the extra incentive when you are tooth brushing as a family; you improve your dental care as well.

With kids, explaining the importance of good dental care is not always enough. By making brushing something to look forward to with games and rewards for good behavior, kids will get excited. Make it fun, be creative, and most importantly, praise your children when they do a good job.

A Visit to Your Child’s Dentist Can Be Fun, Too!

Once you make tooth brushing fun for your kids, a dental visit for a routine check-up is an enjoyable thing, too! Going to the dentist with your kids is just another way to keep their teeth healthy. Visit your children's dentist in Pacifica, CA today as part of your kids’ dental care. Schedule an appointment with us today!