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Oh, Halitosis: Remedies for Bad Breath


Halitosis is the official term for bad breath, which many people suffer from without knowing. Try these remedies as a halitosis treatment to get fresher smelling breath. We’ll teach you how to treat your bad breath the proper way and prevent yourself from ruining a good time. How to treat bad breath with these bad breath remedies can save you from an embarrassing moment.

4 Halitosis Treatments to Try

When people suffer from halitosis, it can affect their daily life. It’s often caused by dry mouth. Try out these halitosis treatments to relieve your bad breath woes.


When accompanied by routine brushing and flossing, mouthwash can serve as a great halitosis treatment. Pick the right mouthwash to treat your bad breath, and consider using it after every meal.


Because dry mouth can cause halitosis, it’s important to drink plenty of water. Water is a natural halitosis treatment, which can help with the production of saliva. Without moisture to produce saliva, your mouth develops an odor-causing bacteria. If you wake up with dry mouth, grab a glass of water to rid your mouth of the night’s bacteria growth.

Tongue scrapers

Your tongue forms halitosis-causing compounds. So, cleaning your tongue helps get rid of halitosis. Using a tongue scraper can help get rid of more of these compounds than a standard toothbrush.

Sweet fennel

Fennel is often unheard of as a halitosis treatment, but it’s just as effective as any other treatment. Fennel is said to be a breath sweetener, and it can increase saliva production. With its antibacterial properties, adding a few sprigs of fennel to your mouth after your meals can help sweeten your breath.

Prevent Bad Breath at Cabrillo Family Dental Care

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