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Oral Surgery Helps Pacifica Based Dental and Facial Needs

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In the field of dentistry, standard dental care cannot treat more severe dental problems. For that reason, several different oral surgery options address these conditions.

One of the most common needs for oral surgery is the extraction of wisdom teeth. Also known as "third molars," wisdom teeth are located in the far back of the jaw line, emerging last from the gum line. Unless a jaw is large enough, these teeth do not have the sufficient room to come in and align properly, and as a result, these teeth become "impacted," effectively entrapping them between the jawbone and the gum tissue.

Once a wisdom tooth impacts, symptoms such as infection, pain and swelling may occur, causing permanent damage to nearby bone, gums and teeth, or cause cysts and tumors, which can destroy sections of a patient's jaw.

For patients that experience tooth loss, patients may elect to get dental implants. These dental implants are an effective alternative to bridge or denture options. These implants are used in cases where an accident or infection has caused tooth loss, and the surgical procedure anchors the new artificial teeth in place. In order to be a suitable candidate for dental implants, the patient needs to have the following requirements:

* A willingness to maintain good oral hygiene practices
* Adequate bone level and density
* Not be prone to infection

Jaw problems are also a major concern, which makes patients eligible for oral surgery. These conditions include:

* Additional upper or lower jaw growth - If the jaw grows in improperly, the patient can have difficulty breathing, eating, or speaking properly.
* Improving the overall fit of dentures - This is necessary for first-time denture wearer as a means to fit the dentures to the jaw and adjust for any irregularities in the fitting.
* TMJ (TemporoMandibular Joint ) disorders - The issues occur within the front of the ear's small joint where the skull and jaw meet. While lesser cases can manage with oral medications, physical therapy and splints, prolonged wear and tear can cause headaches and facial pains, requiring the necessity of more advanced treatment options.

These conditions, depending on the severity, can require oral surgery to balance out the jaw's alignment, and improve its overall health. In addition, oral surgery can treat a number of jaw and facial conditions such as facial injury and infections, cleft lips and palate repair, remove lesions and do biopsy testing on tissue samples, and even help with snoring and sleep apnea issues.

When you need oral surgery to address your dental and facial health needs, Pacifica California-based Cabrillo Family Dental Care can help with a wide variety of dental surgical procedures, from pediatric dentistry, oral surgery in Pacifica, to the best sedation dentistry Pacifica has to offer. To schedule an appointment with Cabrillo Family Dental Care, give us a call at (650) 359-1646, or visit our website at