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Our Best Back to School Oral Hygiene Tips

back to school oral health tips

The back to school period is upon us once more, and you’ll have a massive checklist of things to do for your child. Nonetheless, their health is still the most important feature by far, which is why encouraging good oral hygiene is vital. It can feel a little daunting, not least as you juggle those other commitments, but these back to school oral health tips should help you keep your child on the right track.

Back to School Oral Health Tips for the Whole Family

Visit the dentist

Every child should see the dentist on a bi-annual basis, and this is a crucial foundation for maintaining good oral hygiene. This is the perfect time for your child to have that checkup and receive a professional clean just before the new academic year starts.

If nothing else, it signals the start of a fresh new chapter, which can encourage your child to maintain the other habitual changes that are to come. Frankly, a back to school dental visit is essential.

Replace old toothbrushes

Cleaning your teeth twice a day is a great habit, but it counts for very little if toothbrush bristles have become disjointed or out of position. Whether opting for electric toothbrushes for kids or manual options is a matter or personal preference. Either way, knowing that the heads are in excellent condition ensures that you can fight plaque in the right fashion. The brush heads should be replaced every few months, and this is the perfect time to start embracing that routine.

Invest in the right oral hygiene products

Young mouths deserve special care, particularly if your child still has some of his or her baby teeth. Toothpaste and mouthwash that has been designed with children in mind is always the best option for protecting their teeth and gums while they are often a lot gentler, too.

Dental floss products for kids are also available, and a Y-shaped holder will make the process a lot easier. Whatever you do, ensure your kid’s items are all kept together to encourage a sense of belonging.

Turn brushing into a game

Getting kids to actively enjoy brushing their teeth is a major breakthrough. After all, no parent wants to endure the daily battles that can occur. Child-friendly products do help, but you can take things even further by making it a game. Play music so that they can nod their head along while brushing. Meanwhile, siblings can compete against each other with a prize being awarded to the child that cleaned their teeth best. Alternatively, sticker reward charts are just as useful.

Think about food choices

Efficient cleaning is crucial for good oral hygiene in kids and should be an integral part of family dentistry. Nonetheless, you can also help prevent the buildup of plaque and gunk by making smarter food choices.

Avoid salty and sugary snacks where possible, including sodas. Natural items are usually far less likely to coat the teeth and promote decay. Fight the source of the problem and combine it with good cleaning for a winning smile throughout the coming school year and beyond.

Schedule an Appointment for the Kids and Yourself

At Cabrillo Family Dentistry, we cater to your whole family. This back to school season is the best time to get your oral health back on track. Call us to schedule an appointment for family dentistry today.