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Our Pacifica Dental Practice Can Take Care of Your Cavities


Do you have an aching tooth? Lately, has there been something off about the look and feel of your tooth despite how much you brush? You may have a cavity. These dental problems are holes in your teeth. They are a sign of tooth decay, otherwise, the deconstruction of your tooth enamel. Cavities can affect people of all ages, but they’re very common among children.

Cavities are a serious dental condition and must be treated immediately. But first, our Pacifica dental practice needs to explain how you get cavities before we explain how we treat them to ensure proper dental care.

How do  I get cavities?

Our dental enemy, plaque, is a sticky film of bacteria that is constantly forming in your mouth. When you eat or drink sugary and highly acidic foods, the plaque bacteria creates acids that attack your teeth. Plaque buildup can be easily managed by cutting back on your sugar intake and brushing and flossing regularly.

However, if you leave plaque to continue forming in your mouth, it will bind to your teeth. It will continue to produce acid, which eventually wears away the tooth enamel. When the acid manages to break through the tooth enamel, you have a cavity.

Cavities left untreated can cause serious dental and health issues. So if you see something about your teeth that doesn’t look or feel right, contact the best dentist in Pacifica immediately!

How do I treat my cavities?  

Prevention is the best treatment. Every day, you must get up and show that there is no room in your life for plaque. Show it who’s boss.

Brushing twice a day with a fluoride toothpaste and flossing in between your teeth are the best preventative dental treatments for cavities. Of course, limiting or cutting out all excess processed sugar is another effective way of preventing cavities. Replace these foods with healthier options, such as water, fruits and vegetables.

If you do have a cavity, again, contact the best dentist in Pacifica, California immediately. Your Pacific dentist will examine your mouth and may recommend filling treatment. During this procedure, your Pacifica dentist removes the decayed tooth, cleans out the affected tooth and fills the tooth with what is essentially a body save cement. This cement ensures that bacteria and plaque can no longer enter the tooth, which in turn, makes the tooth healthy and strong.

There are different types of fillings, such as gold or porcelain. Consult with our Pacifica dental practice to decide which filling is best for you.

How can the best dentist in Pacifica help me if I don’t have cavities?

If this is the case, then fantastic! A world without cavities is what makes the best dentist in Pacifica smile. However, you must remain vigilant. Plaque can still creep up on you. Maintain a healthy diet and continue an effective brushing and flossing regimen as usual. Make regular visits to your dentist to ensure your teeth are at their healthiest.
If you need any preventative dentistry, pediatric dentistry or cosmetic dentistry in Pacifica, contact the best dental care practice in Pacifica. Our team of experts will put a smile on your face.