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Preventative Dentistry Is A Specialty of Cabrillo Family Dental Care


Preventative dental care is an important part of standard and consistent oral health. Taking proper care of teeth is simple Regular brushings and flossing, maintaining a healthy and nutritious diet (fruits and vegetables) and regular dentist visits.

It is learning how to keep and maintain a regular dental routine that is the most important aspect of preventative dental care. Preventative dental care not only keeps teeth and gums looking white and healthy, but it also ensures the prevention of various types of dental diseases, such as periodontitis. Maintaining a regular dental routine prevents plaque and tartar, and reduces the number of sugars that can linger on teeth causing harmful damage to the enamel and gums.

While preventative dentistry makes good health sense, it also makes solid financial sense. Keeping teeth healthy reduces the need for dental check-ups or expensive procedures such as extractions, fillings, root canals and other related surgery, saving patients time and discomfort.

There are few key factors to ensure proper preventative dental health. Keeping a routine three to six month check-up schedule with your dentist is important to anticipate and prevent any dental concerns. Proper brushing with a fluoride toothpaste, flossing throughout the day, and keeping the toothbrush in a sturdy, non-frayed condition are important daily habits.

The experienced staff at Cabrillo Family Dental Care has been serving the Pacifica, California, community. Our dentists and hygienists excel in preventative dentistry in Pacifica, CA to offer a convenient schedule to meet our patient's needs. Schedule an appointment with us by call (650) 359-1646, or by visiting our website at - We look forward to improving your smile.