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Scare Away the Cavities: Cavity Protection for Kids this Halloween


The Halloween witching hour will arrive soon—and so will endless amounts of candy from trick-or-treating. Are you worried about cavity protection for kids after they eat all that Halloween candy? Use these tricks to treat children toothcare. Beware: your little monsters will thank you for saving them from spooky cavities.

Cavity Protection for Kids This Halloween

Keep your kids’ teeth from becoming spooky and filled with cavities this Halloween. We have some tips to keep their teeth healthy while still enjoying some good trick-or-treating.

Candy limit

If your child happens to hit the jackpot on Halloween candy this year, limit the amount they can eat daily. Setting a candy limit is a great way for your child's teeth to not be bombarded by sweet treats in one night. Let them eat a few pieces on Halloween night and a few more pieces after dinner for the next couple days.

Choose the right candies

Look out for sticky candies when going through your kids’ treat bags. The sticky candies—such as caramels and taffy—stay in your children's mouth longer as they cling to their teeth. Avoid keeping this type of candy in your kids’ treat bags.

Rinse first

After a fun Halloween night filled with candy, avoid having your children brush their teeth immediately after eating their treats. Because certain candies are acidic, the acidity could damage your children’s enamel when brushing immediately after eating these candies.

When your trick-or-treaters are done eating their candy, have them rinse down the candy with some water first, so it prevents damage to their enamel.

Head to the dentist

Taking your kids to their dentist after Halloween is a great way to prevent any cavities from scaring you after. Their dentist will check for cavities and teach them cavity protection for kids. Some dentists even take unwanted candy and give you a toothbrush to the trade.

Don’t Let Cavities Haunt Your Children’s Teeth

This Halloween, schedule an appointment for your little goblins to visit our child dentist. Our children’s dental care will teach your kids proper oral care and reward them for keeping their teeth healthy. Schedule an appointment with us today!