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Start the Year off Right with a Dental Checkup


With February in full swing, have you taken the chance to keep up with your dental new year’s resolution? If a bright smile is in your goals for the year, planning for your annual dental checkups NOW is crucial to keep with your objectives. Regular dental visits help you know what is happening in your mouth and reduce your risk of periodontal diseases.

If you are just starting to pay more attention to your oral health, dental visits also help you to learn new maintenance techniques and get the answers to any questions you have about your daily dental routine.

Why It’s Important to Set up Regular Dental Checkups for 2018

A perfect smile is obtainable when you begin to plan your dental visits for the year. Maintain healthy teeth all year round with a dental checkups every six months. Going to your dentist twice a year is how to have a great smile with regular dental checkups.

New smile, who’s this?

The importance of regular dental checkups is to keep your smile glowing and beautiful. Your dental visit usually involves a clean-up of your mouth to leave your teeth professionally clean. With a new smile, your self-confidence boosts up and you want to flash it to everyone who passes by you.

Everyone will want to smile right back at you when they see your new confidence and a phenomenal smile attached to it!

Nipping dental problems in the bud

Do you know your daily oral routine isn’t the best and you just know you have dental issues? Taking charge by setting up regular dentist visits helps you face your fear of knowing how many cavities you officially have. It's better to know what’s wrong than let the problem get bigger over time.

But are you avoiding the dentist due to dental anxiety? Don’t let it keep you from having a beautiful smile this year. Let your dentist know when you set up your appointment of your fear and they will take care of you to keep you at ease.

Preventative Care for the New Year

Ready to give your smile some tender, love, and care? Cabrillo Family Dental Care offers Preventative Dentistry in Pacifica, CA to provide you with the smile of your 2018 goals. Contact us today to schedule your dental appointment!