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Teaching Children Proper Dental Habits Teaches Them Good Tooth Responsibility

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As any good parent is aware, proper dental care for any child begins at an early age. What you may not know is that those first teeth (also known as primary teeth) of your baby form even before they are born, starting within three to six months of development within the womb. And yet even after your baby is born, their teeth still won't be visible for a few months. It's important to remind yourself that while those developing pearly whites can't be seen just yet, it doesn't mean that they aren't present.

Once your baby's teeth do begin to emerge within the six months to a year time period, the importance of beginning a regular brushing regimen takes priority in the form of gently brushing the forming teeth (sans toothpaste until they are at least two years of age), and gently cleaning the surrounding gum area with clean gauze to remove any bacteria and plaque.

As development continues, bear in mind that the teething period for infants can be a rough time for them due to their teeth finally erupting through the gums, causing them pain and irritability. According to the American Dental Association, simple techniques such as applying gauze, cold items (such as a spoon or teething ring), or a child safe pain reliever can help to alleviate those discomforts.

By the time the child reaches their first birthday, it's a good idea to schedule that first dental appointment around the time of their first birthday. Parents and the dentist can go over tooth development (including issues like cavities or habits caused by thumb sucking), or determining the need for fluoride treatments. Establishing good practices for your children now helps to eliminate tooth loss and decay later.

As children continue to develop and get older, they will eventually learn how to brush their teeth by themselves. This responsibility becomes especially important in showing them how to reach all areas of their mouth and gums (as well as making sure they rinse and spit during brushing to ensure that they don't swallow any toothpaste). This is also a great time to learn proper flossing techniques in order to reach all of those out of the way places.

Going to the dentist can be a fun experience for a child. As long as there is a positive attitude and a reminder that their dentist really cares about keeping the health of their teeth. Of course, the best example that kids learn from is that of the parents themselves. Kids follow what their parents do, and working together to promote the necessity of good oral care helps everyone to benefit from regular, healthy brushing habits.

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