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The Holidays of Smiling: A True Oral History

Healthy Smile Teeth

As we begin to enter the holiday season, we start to focus on everything those holidays entail: Time with friends and family, traditions and even the background behind the reasons for the season. While the holidays also bring about a lot of great foods (and that includes those tasty desserts as well), did you know that even the dental industry has its share of holidays to celebrate all year long? In the true spirit of the season, let us celebrate some of those great dental holidays....

February 9 - National Toothache Day

Nothing hurts worse than a toothache. Some have said that a particularly nasty toothache is more uncomfortable that passing a kidney stone or giving birth. Because of this discomfort, the preventative dentistry field has set aside this day to bring attention to this issue.

While the details behind the origin of this day remain unclear (though speculation has arisen that greeting card companies created the day to coincide with the day that the Hershey Corporation was founded), the day's purpose provides education about good oral hygiene and dental care. It's also a great reason to schedule a dental exam and get proper teeth cleaning.

February 28 (Or Possibly August 22) - National Tooth Fairy Day

There is a reason for the uncertainty of this day's observation: The origin date is unclear. Research opinions differ between the two days, but the legacy of the Tooth Fairy remains an enduring part of children's mythology.

The story of the Tooth Fairy originated out of a European tradition that this magical being would take baby teeth that have fallen out and reward the child's offering by giving a small amount of money, treats and sometimes fairy dust for each tooth. Research has found the Tooth Fairy's influence in American culture since the early 1900's, as the Tooth Fairy has continued to teach about the natural cycle of losing those first teeth to have them replaced by grown-up permanent teeth, good health and proper oral hygiene (that includes no thumb sucking to keep teeth straight).

The First Friday in October - World Smile Day

October brings about Halloween, one of the most candy and sweets heavy holidays of them all. With sugar comes the risk of dental problems. National Smile Day has since originated to remind younger patients (and candy lovers of any age) about the importance of proper dental care.

World Smile Day's origins came about from a Massachusetts-based commercial artist by the name of Harvey Ball whose most notable artistic contribution was the iconic "Smiley Face" symbol from the 1960's. the day itself originated after his passing in honor of his commitment to "improving this world, one smile at a time."

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