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These Secrets to Flossing Will Blow Your Mind


Flossing is the last thing you want to do after a long day or bright and early in the morning, but it is a more prominent part of preventing dental issues like tooth erosion. The task of flossing your teeth doesn’t necessarily have to be a drag. Want to know the secrets to flossing to make it easier for your daily dental routine? You won’t have to dread the activity of flossing when these tips help you power through it on the regular.

Secrets to Flossing to Help You in Your Daily Dental Routine

Dentists drill it into our brains to floss every day, and we never seem to know how to floss more efficiently. Using floss rids your teeth of the bacteria your toothbrush didn’t get and helps you maintain healthy teeth. If you find the activity tedious to do after brushing your teeth, don’t fret, we have flossing tips to help you get the most out of your flossing.

Have a gentle touch

When you use your flossing tool, do you get bleeding gums from the floss scraping your gums? You don’t have to be rough when it comes to flossing, use a gentle technique to get in between your teeth. Your gums shouldn’t have to bleed unless you are suffering from gum disease. Keep in mind to gently insert the floss to get the food particles your toothbrush.

The point of flossing is to give your teeth a thorough cleaning twice a day, but it doesn’t mean you have to force the floss in between your teeth. Give your teeth some tender, love, and care when flossing daily.

Give your teeth a hug

Aside from being gentle when flossing, you also can hug your teeth in the process to get the most of the floss cleaning. When you floss straight back-and-forth, you aren’t getting the most of your flossing, as it is missing certain parts which may have food articles. The useful technique to use when using string floss is to angle it to get the maximum contact of your teeth. It hugs your teeth and gets in the areas going straight with the floss would not understand, giving you the maximum amount of coverage to rid your teeth of food

Don’t afraid of using A LOT of floss

When you’ve got the floss, use it and grab as much as you will need. Don’t be stingy when it comes to your flossing. People are accustomed to using small bits of string for their flossing technique, but you should use as much as you need to ensure your teeth are getting a clean part of floss and not one you used for your other teeth. Using the same piece of floss for all of your teeth helps spread more germs to your teeth. Don’t be afraid to use up your floss.

Learn More Secrets to Flossing Correctly from Your Dentist

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