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Understanding the Benefits of Mouthwash Will Blow Your Mind


Your chances of standing under the mistletoe with your crush are increasing. You want your breath to smell minty fresh for that moment, right? But how can you accomplish that without the sting of mouthwash? Knowing the benefits of mouthwash helps you understand the sting hurts but is necessary to maintain a healthy mouth.

It helps prevent bad breath for holiday moments like kissing your love at the stroke of midnight to bring in the New Year right.

Facts about Mouthwash

Understanding the benefits of mouthwash as part of maintaining your oral health is easier when you get the facts of mouthwash and its properties.

Ingredients of mouthwash

Wondering where the sting of mouthwash comes from? Mouthwash is a typically a mixture of water, alcohol, and detergents. Many of them use artificial or natural flavoring to add color and taste. Most, if not all, contain a preservative to kill off microbes from growing in the mouthwash. It’s important to check the ingredients list before buying a mouthwash, as the most effective mouthwashes contain these powerful ingredients.

What does the alcohol in mouthwash do?

What does mouthwash do to your teeth with the help of alcohol? Alcohol is one of the main ingredients used to kill plaque-generating bacteria. Detergents, on the other hand, are solvents that weaken the sticky chemical bonds of plaque and can help dislodge food particles. Some mouthwashes also include fluoride, which helps strengthen teeth, but it isn’t necessary as most toothpastes and drinking water include fluoride.

The Benefits of Mouthwash

Mouthwash is one of the pillars of a healthy daily dental routine, but does mouthwash make a difference? Find out the helpful benefits of mouthwash and the reasons you should take this extra step everyday for a minty fresh mouth.

Help for pregnant women

Because gum disease can lead to infertility, women who are already pregnant have the benefit of mouthwash to help prevent preterm, low-weight babies. The bacteria found in gum infection leads into the woman’s bloodstream and stimulates contractions.

Cavity prevention

The fluoride found in mouthwash helps to give your teeth preventative care for cavities. This is another ingredient to look for when you are going to purchase mouthwash to help you prevent cavities from invading your mouth.

Canker sore relief

Are you annoyed by the canker sore that’s not going away and disturbs you when you eat or drink? Get quick relief from a canker sore by rinsing with mouthwash. Another one of the benefits of mouthwash is it disinfects the area of the sore and reduces the amount of bacteria.

Ask Your Pacifica Dentist about the Best Options for Mouthwash

Your dentist at Cabrillo Family Dental Care is the professional you should ask when you are looking for the best mouthwash to add to your daily oral routine. With preventative dentistry, we ensure your mouth is healthier than ever. Come into our office for an appointment today!