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What to Expect from Your First Dental Visit


When you switch to a new dentist and visit that new office for the first time, you should come prepared. You’ll be meeting your new family dentist and their staff as well as updating them on your dental records. During your first dental visit at a new office, you have the opportunity to introduce yourself to your new dentist, and they’ll determine what type of treatment is best for your oral health. Learn more about the first visit.

Your First Dental Visit at Cabrillo Family Dental Care

What to bring with you

When you visit Cabrillo Family Dental Care for the first time, try to arrive a few minutes early to complete a new patient registration form. Also, bring the following items with you to make your treatment process go by more smoothly:

  • Dental insurance card
  • List of all medications you’re currently taking
  • Any dental X-rays that have been taken in the last year

What to expect from your dental appointment

During your first dental visit, your dentist will ask if you have any concerns about your dental health. Then, they will go over your dental history to learn if there are any outstanding conditions or issues that need treatment.

During this initial visit, your dentist will perform a thorough and comprehensive dental exam of your gums, teeth, and the surrounding structures of the mouth. This helps lay the groundwork for how to best optimize your oral health.

The first visit will also include a periodontal evaluation. X-rays may ben taken to better assess your oral health. Your family dentist may also perform tooth charting, gum evaluation, and a screening for oral cancer. If needed, the dental hygienist will also perform a professional teeth cleaning, so the teeth remain healthy. This can also help your dental care professionals monitor your teeth’s progress.

Visit Your Family Dentist Often

It’s recommended you visit your family dentist every three to six months depending on your oral health. At Cabrillo Family Dental Care, we’ve been serving the Pacifica area for over 50 years where we have specialized in a full spectrum of dental health procedures. Schedule an appointment today to maintain a healthy and happy smile.