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What is Thrush?

child receiving thrush treatment

It starts out like every normal day. You go into the bathroom to brush your teeth, yet you feel something on your tongue. You noticed it before, but you didn’t pay much mind. Now it’s incredibly noticeable, and gross feeling.

You stick your tongue out at the mirror and see to your horror a thick layer of yellowish white gunk on your tongue. What could this be? Our Pacifica dental office wants to inform you on thrush.

What is Thrush?

Thrush is an infection of fungus in the mouth, right inside your oral cavity. Dentists usually find it on the tongue, but it can spread to other parts of the mouth. Candida yeast causes thrush. This material already exists in the oral cavity, but the bacteria in your mouth keeps it from growing out of control.

When there is a disturbance in the natural balance of the mouth— say an illness or medication— candida yeast can grow unchecked. Over time, the yeast will grow until you have thrush.    

Thrush Symptoms

If caught early, thrush can be easily treatable. A common symptom of thrush is a yellowish white patch on the tongue and inside the cheeks. If the problem advances, thrush symptoms include:

  • Yellowish white patches on the roof of mouth, gums, back of the throat.
  • Esophageal infection
  • Pain when swallowing

Thrush can also be a symptom of other larger medical problems. Inform your thrush experts in Pacifica, California if other health problems are affecting you.

How Do I Cure Thrush?

If you have thrush, you can visit our dental office in Pacifica, California or your primary caregiver. They will inspect your oral cavity and take a sample for analysis. If it is indeed thrush, a round of antifungal medicine can combat the candida yeast in the mouth. After that, your tongue will be back to its old self. You now can stick you tongue out at people in confidence.

Need a Thrush Expert in Pacifica, California?

Our dental team in Pacifica, California knows how to cure thrush. If you’re experiencing thrush symptoms, do not wait. It will worsen if not treated immediately. Schedule an appointment at Cabrillo Family Dental Care.