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Winter Weather Can Bring About Cold Sensitivity in Teeth

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As winter continues to rage on throughout the country, taking care of one's health during this frigid season remains a high priority. Sure, there are the usual wintry maladies such as the flu and sniffles, dry skin or even risks of exposure, but even when you are feeling at your best and enjoying those wintry walks and snowball fights, risks still remain to your oral health.

While mouth issues due to the cold can be problematic, proper care can get you back to enjoying time in front of the fire with family and friends in no time. For this blog, Children's Dental Care & Orthodontics will share these all ages tips on how one can face the cold during the winter and how to best manage those uncomfortable oral maladies.

Canker Sores

Enjoying those favorite spicy winter treats of yours? There's a possibility that enjoying them too much results in canker sores. Foods that are high in acidity (such as cider) can result in these uncomfortable symptoms, and ruin your snack time. While the best answer is to avoid these types of foods completely, we all know that you are not going to do that (who doesn't love winter time treats). Instead, when those pesky cankers set in, try swishing a mixture of one teaspoon of salt with a half cup of water to help clean up those sores for faster healing.

If wearing any sort of orthodontic appliances, make sure to check with your dentist to make sure you have a proper fit with no stray wires to irritate sensitive skin.

Chapped Lips

Chapped lips are the result of too much exposure to elements such as sun, wind and cold, which can be damaging to the sensitive skin on your lips and make them feel like paper. Keeping hydrated by using moisturizer and drinking plenty of water helps to alleviate those itchy symptoms and help lips to heal faster. It also helps to wear a lip balm daily and often. If the lip balm contains at least SPF 15, then you are good to go. Keeping a humidifier in the house and using petroleum jelly are also great ways to help keep in the necessary moisture.

Cold Sores

Love that winter wonderland just outside your door? Exposure to winter's sunlight can cause cold sore breakouts. This, however, can be easily protected with products that contain SPF 15 or higher. Keeping clean hands also helps to reduce germ exposure, and keeping stress to a minimum while ensuring that you get a good night's sleep reduces the risks of cold sores.


Teeth get sensitive and painful with foods that are too hot, or in this case, too cold. Cold and wind can cause for painful eating, and leave your mouth sore. While you can't always avoid these types of colder foods or weathers, you can take steps to lessen the sensitivity by brushing with a desensitizing toothpaste that lessens the irritation, and keeps you enjoying your favorite foods.

This article has been brought to you courtesy of Children's Dental Care & Orthodontics.

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