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Your Guide to Denture Realignment


When you first get your denture, it is firm and tight in your mouth so you don’t have to worry about it going anywhere. Over time, it can get some wear, which makes a denture realignment necessary to get it back into place. But how do you know if you need denture realignment?

For those new to wearing dentures, it is a little more difficult to know when you need a realignment. We’ll guide you through the signs you need to head to your dentist. Your denture is your smile, and no one likes a crooked one.

What Is Denture Realignment?

Your denture often begins to fit less cozy in your mouth if you use it frequently. A denture realignment is a simple procedure of relining the underside of the denture so it fits more tightly in the mouth. It’s an affordable way to fix the denture without the cost of a completely new one. A poorly fitting denture also causes damage to the bones and soft tissues in the mouth.

There are two types of denture realignment:

  • Soft reline uses a liquid polymer to add depth and cushion to the denture and is usually done in the dentist office.
  • Hard reline creates a hardened denture base using more material than the soft reline to build a more permanent denture fix.

Realignments are often done in the comfort of your dentist’s office but if you require a hard reline, your dentist may send your dentures to a dental laboratory.

How to Tell If You Need Denture Realignment

Have you noticed a loose denture or one that is giving you an unintended side smile? These are perfect signs to visit your dentist for options for denture realignment.

Bothersome denture

Your denture bothering you is a sure way to notice you need a denture realignment. It’s supposed to fit perfectly in your mouth, so if it’s becoming more bothersome each day, contact your dentist to get your denture checked.

Looseness in your mouth

Your denture doesn’t need to be falling out of your mouth and exposing your gums. If you are experiencing this, it is a perfect sign to get a reline for your denture. Resurfacing the denture will get it back to the fit you need.

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