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We Now Carry Invisalign!

Cabrillo Family Dental is proud to announce that we now carry Invisalign for our patients! Invisalign offers a number of distinctive (and especially clear) advantages over traditional braces, making Invisalign the ideal choice for a perfect smile.

The clear design of Invisalign allows patients to have their teeth straightened while being virtually unnoticeable. Promoting a more comfortable and removable plastic design over standard metal braces, Invisalign provides a true alternative that not only feels better, but also looks better. This difference allows patients to have straighter teeth without sacrificing their feeling of confidence. Patients can insert and remove their aligner from their mouth as needed.

There are far fewer food restrictions with Invisalign in comparison to metal braces, permitting patients to eat whatever they want without the concern of getting food particles stuck in their aligner. Because of the Invisalign design for a patient's busy "on the go" schedule, there are also fewer doctor visits required (approximately every six weeks).

Invisalign also comes for both teens and adults, so the aligners can "grow as you do," allowing for the dental care that you need and the social life that you want. Best of all, several dental insurance plans cover Invisalign treatment just the same as they would other orthodontic treatments such as metal braces.

When you are ready to make an appointment, contact Cabrillo Family Dental in Pacifica, California at (650) 359-1646. We will be glad to discuss the plan that is best for you in order to to upgrade your smile.

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