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What are the advantages of choosing dental implants to replace a tooth?

A missing tooth is a challenge when it comes to eating, smiling, and talking with others.

The good news is that dental implants provide tooth replacement that is as close to a natural tooth as you can get. In addition, because an implant replaces both your root and your tooth, it protects both your dental health and your smile. 

A dental implant is comprised of three essential parts that work together to create your new tooth. First, we surgically place the implant into your jawbone, where it fuses and integrates with it since it's made of biocompatible titanium. The implant acts just like your root and supports your new tooth.

An abutment securely connects the implant and crown. A porcelain crown takes the place of your tooth, and our dentists customize it to blend seamlessly into your smile.

Because an implant replaces your root, you no longer have to worry about the bone loss that often accompanies tooth loss.

Besides the look and feel of a natural tooth, another benefit of dental implants is that they provide excellent longevity with the proper care. Your implant is easy to brush and floss just like a natural tooth, and with regular checkups at your Pacifica dentist every six months, your implant can potentially last for a lifetime.

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