Dental Crowns and Bridges Pacifica CA

close up of dental crown pacifica caAt Cabrillo Family Dental Care, our goal is to help you have a healthy and beautiful smile for a lifetime. Sometimes this means you need to repair or replace a tooth to maintain your dental health.

If you’re living with missing or broken teeth, many things are impacted. Your teeth and mouth don’t feel comfortable, making it difficult to chew and eat the foods you love. You might also feel embarrassed about the appearance of your smile if there are gaps or broken teeth.

Our Pacifica dentists may recommend a tooth crown or dental bridge to restore your smile if this is the case for you.

What Is a Dental Crown?

Dental crowns are an ideal restoration for a tooth that has more than half of its structure compromised by a fracture, crack, or decay. Some other situations where a crown is beneficial are:

  • To strengthen a tooth that’s had root canal treatment
  • As a replacement for an old lost or broken restoration
  • As a single tooth restoration for a dental implant

A dental crown completely covers your remaining tooth giving it strength and protecting your root so you can eat and chew with ease. Porcelain crowns are also customized to blend with your teeth so that you can enjoy the aesthetics of a beautiful smile again.

What Is a Dental Bridge?

Our dentists can ideally replace one or two missing adjacent teeth with a dental bridge. This appliance is fixed so you don’t ever remove it, and it anchors in place by attaching crowns to healthy teeth on either side. One or more artificial teeth fill in the space between and complete your smile.

We also make bridges out of ceramic porcelain, so the appliance complements your smile. If you’re dealing with the loss of multiple teeth, dental implants can also act as anchors for a dental bridge as well, providing excellent stability and support.

How Long Does It Take to Complete a Crown or Bridge?

older couple smiling outside | dental bridge pacifica caThe process for getting a crown or bridge is typically the same. It requires two dental appointments and about two to three weeks to completes. Here’s the process:

  • You’ll come to Cabrillo Family Dental Care for your first visit, where our dentists will prepare your tooth for its new restoration and make a temporary version for you to wear.
  • We send your crown or bridge to a dental lab, which handcrafts your porcelain restoration over the next few weeks.
  • When your restoration is ready, you'll return to Cabrillo Family Dental Care to have the bridge permanently placed and adjusted to fit your bite properly.

Implant-supported bridges take longer to complete as your implants need a few months to heal and integrate with your bone.

Don’t Live With Broken or Missing Teeth Any Longer

Give your dentists in Pacifica a call today at (650) 359-1646 to learn more about the solutions we offer to restore your smile.