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How often should I see the dentist for teeth cleanings and checkups?

For most healthy patients, two visits to the dentist every six months is sufficient for keeping their teeth clean and healthy. Patients managing gum disease may require additional teeth cleanings throughout the year to keep their condition under control and their gum disease at bay. Your Pacifica dentist and hygienist will make the recommendations for the teeth cleaning and checkup schedule that's right for you.

Since science has found clear connections between gum disease and other health issues in the body like heart disease or diabetes, preventive dental teeth cleanings and checkups have never been more critical. So now, when you visit your dentist to keep your mouth healthy, you are also keeping your body healthy.  

Your dentist can detect problems like tooth decay and gum disease in their earliest stage when these conditions are easier and less expensive to treat.

During your teeth cleaning, we'll remove the plaque buildup that's easy to miss at home. Instead, it's plaque and bacteria buildup that cause concerns like tooth decay and gum disease.

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